lundi 31 octobre 2011

Monoprix (supermarkets) - NOT YOUR EVERYDAY EVERYDAY - BETC Euro RSCG

The aim: Creating a real graphic identity for the products of the brand

The concept: Saying « no » to the everyday routine

The result:
A strong and colourful identity present in every type of packaging, with a little pun for every product

P.S.: A perfect example of a copywriter's dream-job

Here are a few examples of the puns I made for the first series of packaging that was released:

On the packaging:

On posters:

Lu – Les Harmonyculteurs – BETC Euro RSCG

The aim: Highlighting Lu's efforts towards sustainable development

The concept: Saying that nature is harmonious, but that it is not something that happens overnight

The result: Creating a (parent/child) game similar to FarmVille, that teaches people how to combine agriculture and sustainable development

Here are the banners I did for the game:

mardi 25 octobre 2011

SkyTeam - SkyTips - BETC Euro RSCG

The aim: Sharing airport tips with frequent flyers to make their trip enjoyable every step of the way

The concept: Having one charismatic (yet friendly) local ambassador for each big hub to show you around

The result:
Short viral video clips, a website and a Facebook page for people to share and discover new tips everyday

Here are the first 5 videos that have been released:

Antoine de Caunes for Skyteam from lauren zeitoun on Vimeo.

Untitled from lauren zeitoun on Vimeo.

Pam Ann for Skyteam from lauren zeitoun on Vimeo.

Untitled from lauren zeitoun on Vimeo.

Untitled from lauren zeitoun on Vimeo.

Here are a few examples of the SkyTips that have been posted online:

And here is what you can find on the Facebook page:

INCA (National Institute of Cancer) - BETC Euro RSCG

The aim: Putting life forward and being able to privately share your hope and strengh with the ones you love

The concept: Saying "Yes" to life by inscribing a tailored message to someone in a special/meaningful place all over France

The result
: A website and an Iphone app to type your message and publish it privately

Galeries Lafayette - The Biggest Fashion Show ever! - BETC Euro RSCG

This poster was made for an event that took place in Boulevard Haussmann, Paris (and a few other French cities). The idea was to say that this fashion show would actually represent today's street style and that everyone could be part of the show.

The Craft Industry - A School contest - Iscom

The aim: Proposing the possibility of an ambitious and passionate career in a society of anxiety-provoking choices

The concept
: There are many lives in the craft industry. Why not yours?

The result:
Inviting young people to project themselves and view this option as a possible choice

P.S.: This campaign was one of my postgraduate projects and got us to win an inner school competition presented at Loewe Stateus

The Israeli Tourit Office - Viral video contest - Iscom

This is a project I've made in my final student year:

The aim: Attracting French tourists to Israel (apart from Jewish people)

The concept:
Comparing Israel to a book, which you would have to read your own way to understand and enjoy it

The result:
A stop-motion viral video with a homemade feel that flips through everything that Israel has to offer

P.S.: This was a student contest (between our school and HaBetsefer) I participated to with two classmates. We got to the final

Here is the result:

Tourism in Israel Video Clip from lauren zeitoun on Vimeo.

Caption Contest, The New Yorker

Here are a few of my propositions for the weekly Caption Contest.

Ike's Boring World - Atelier de Sèvres

Here is a project I made in Art School. The idea was that this character lived in such a boring book that he ran away from it... across my room